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The Importance of Keeping Optimistic
Honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen, NFL Jerseys
Good afternoon! Today I would like to talk about the importance of
keeping optimistic. When we encounter difficulties in life, we notice that
some of us choose to bury their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, however,
this attitude will do you no good, because if you will have no courage
even to face them, how can you conquer them? Thus, be optimistic, ladies
and gentlemen, as it can give you confidence and help you see yourself
through the hard times, just as Winston Churchill once said, “An optimist
sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in
every opportunity.”
Ladies and Gentlemen, keeping optimistic, you will be able to realize,
in spite of some hardship, there’s always hope waiting for you, which will
lead you to the ultimate success. Historically as well as currently, there
are too many optimists of this kind to enumerate. You see, Thomas Edison
is optimistic; if not, the light of hope in his heart could not illuminate
the whole world. Alfred Nobel is optimistic; if not, the explosives and
the prestigious Nobel Prize would not have come into being. And Lance
Armstrong is also optimistic; if not, the devil of cancer would have
devoured his life and the world would not see a 5-time winner of the Tour
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A rose may be beautiful, or maybe not; that depends on your attitude
only, and so does success, so does life. Hindrances and difficulties do
exist, but if you are optimistic, then they are only episodes on your long
way to the throne of success; they are more bridges than obstacles! Now I
prefer to end my speech with the great British poet Shelley’s lines: “If
winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Thank you!
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i think so
2010-03-23 00:44 : nancy URL : 编辑
very nice lecture.
An optimist
sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in
every opportunity.
it s true.
2010-03-23 04:44 : Kentaro URL : 编辑
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