A T shirt skirts are not only two ways to wear

Election a unique design, design a unique T shirt skirt can be modified very good overall lines, so that short girls significantly high. Rich variety of overlapping patterns and ways to wear, a skirt can be more. Is a rare summer fashion item!
Dress method: + base stockings
Modeling highlights: A-shaped skirt of the short-sleeved T shirt is most likely to highlight, with a modification of the base lines stockings legs, by all-star flavor. Of course, this kind of dress you and ultimately, high-heeled shoes, the center of gravity to increase.
Dress method: + lace skirt
Highlights modeling: level out of a sense of order, can be inside the T shirt dress with a white lace skirt, more romantic and beautiful. Cotton lace necklace, so that a more unified overall style.
Dress Methods: Single-wear
Modeling Highlights: The T shirt dress style is simple, sleeveless design with just the length of the location, open the right skin. Chest pattern visual focus of the collection. The irregular cut lap, so that more slender legs.
Dress method: + color bright bag + sunglasses
Modeling Highlights: horizontal stripes shall loose T shirt dress, very popular in alphabetical design. The bag with bright colors and sunglasses, in order to add texture to wear thin. Also very simple type of sandals.
Dress Methods: dress + black base
Modeling improvement: quality silk skirt V-collar, with black cotton skirt base, in the mix of materials is in place. Navy skirt with a colored metal necklace with a very, sunglasses have also chosen the golden section and the Department of the deep. Leisurely feel cool for us.
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