Find summer's latest puma shoes fashions

Summer is almost here and I've found perfect puma shoes for guys and girls that are right on trend and right on price. Bonus points: I found a couple of items at stores you would never think would offer fashionably frugal finds.
For the guys
· Puma CAT (which stands for 'shoes for tomorrow') was started by Arlington, Texas, native Blake Mycoskie.
He has been doing the canvas slip-ons based on an Argentinian shoe called the alpargata for a couple of years now. Blake recently did a few limited-edition styles for the Ralph Lauren Rugby store.
Grab a pair, like the khaki version with a navy, athletic jersey-style number 4 on it while you can. They look great with jeans. (Blake even wears his with suits.) Pick: TOMS canvas slip-ons, $65,polo ralph lauren Rugby
For the girls
·Flat leather sandals are looking great with jeans and long dresses. I found Miss Trish of Capri's ornate sandals — usually around $250 or more — at Target for $29.99. The pair I found are in gold leather, a thong style with ankle straps and feature a gold lion's head medallion. There are seven other styles available, including wedge sandals.

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PUMA light as you wear running shoes light

Weighing only 173 grams, set light, breathable and extremely colorful and attractive features of the three all in one, into a sense of functionality and fashion into one of the puma basket LIFTRacer running shoes, suitable for both positive and those people who love sports, but will also be those who pay attention to the grade of those who look for the fashion area of 2009 added a touch of style puma speed's unique dynamic. China listed in the initial stage, many well-known artists on a first-hand experience of the ultra-light PUMA LIFTRacer experience. Cao famous singers such as the Asian grid, the famous musician Zhang zhen yue from Asia, Taiwan, as a popular niche Nguyen days, Taiwan's "super-Avenue of Stars" champion Lin first quarter of oligonucleotide Kerry and the "invincible young girl" singers, actors Zhuo wen xuan, respectively, according to their own preferences and characteristics of from different angles of interpretation running shoes puma sport LIFTRacer light, brilliant and highly breathable three of the characteristics of the full display of the PUMA movement advocated the concept of life.

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On State Street in U.S First Puma Flagship. opens

There is a Puma shoes store on Rush Street already, but a flagship store is a different ball game. Multiple floors and endless selections = SneakerGasms! There will be all types of chaussures Puma products there, including women's, men's and kids' shoes, apparel and accessories.
I've got GREAT news for Puma lovers in Chicago. The first Flagship store in the United States opens on State Street this fall. It will be in the building that is currently being built where Block 37 was, facing Macy's (formerly Marshall Field's).
I can't wait being a big puma fan myself. In fact, the only gym shoes I rock nowadays (the few times I do wear them) are Chuck Taylor's and Pumas. That store opening should be grand! I just may become a sneaker head again.
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